Ericsson understands our world is increasingly more connected. To help us interact with what we value most they created an IoT eco-system to make our lives easier.

The Challenge


Our IoT world has become increasingly disconnected. Ericsson needed to deliver on a promise that their innovation would simplify our lives, give us peace of mind, and connect us with what matters most. To communicate that message, they needed a design that packaged complicated technology into a user-friendly solution.

The Solution


Titus Klein designed Ericsson’s IoT tech into a sophisticated, yet simple, universal remote. Our team guided Dash through the process of developing a global information architecture tested by over 1M users. We built a platform to unite operators, device makers, and consumers. Clean, UI allowed users to interact with and navigate complex systems – seamlessly.

The Result


Strong design and an improved user experience grew consumer trust, and ultimately, product adoption. Within two quarters, Ericsson reached profitability. Intuitive, beautiful design ensured Ericsson’s promise became a consumer reality.

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