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Branding and App design


Crafting a Brand for Naked

The team at Naked Labs set out to create the world’s best 3D Fitness Tracker. Naked captures your 3D body model so users can visualize their body’s changes on the Naked app. The user is able to track their volumetric body fat percentage, accurate body measurements and weight, and set fitness goals. Titus Klein worked closely with the Naked Labs team to develop a brand for this Fitness Tracker that captured the loyalty of the aspiring fitness enthusiast. The circular identity is tied closely with both the design of the product as well as the continuous rhythm of one fitness journey.


User Experience Approach

The Titus Klein team worked closely with the team at Naked to develop a digital strategy for their innovative technology. Our team invented the Naked mobile user experience from scratch. Starting with user tests and focused research, we created a seamless interface for interacting with the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker.

Naked Fit App


Simple UX for Complex Content

The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker is feature rich and required a tremendous amount of data visualization. We created a simple information architecture that made navigating this app absolutely seamless.

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User Interface Strategy

Titus Klein crafted a personalized look and feel that focuses entirely on the user. We organized the complex capabilities of this app into a simplified, easy to use interface. Titus Klein takes a brand focused approach to our UI. We seek to tell the brand story through visual application.

Naked Fit App

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