Titus Klein - Loop Case Study


Connecting with the ones we love




Digital Branding, Mobile User Experience, Mobile User Interface, Visual Media, Custom Photo Development


Sharing photos is all about connecting with the ones we love.

The Loop mobile display was designed to make instant, private photo-sharing easy and appealing to friends and family members across generations and time zones. Working with the Loop team and Character SF, Titus Klein designed a user interaction strategy that functioned as an extension of the Loop brand and crafted a front-end mobile app experience that felt personal, real-time and connected.

Titus Klein - Loop Case Study


A Photo-rich visual design.

Loop’s digital brand extends the story-sharing, emotionally resonant impulse of Loop to the user experience. The app user interface crafted by Titus Klein rests on a photo-rich visual design in a warm, inviting palette. Our team’s simple and intuitive architecture overlays Loop’s sophisticated functionality, enabling the end user to smoothly navigate the app’s many features. The brand is expressed kinetically through a digital interaction strategy based on smooth movements and subtle reveals as the user discovers the power of sharing stories with loved ones.

Titus Klein - Loop Case Study
Titus Klein - Loop Case Study
Titus Klein - Loop Case Study

The TK team brilliantly worked with both our team and Character SF to design the mobile app experience for the Loop photo sharing display. They took a unique and focused approach to mobile user interface by extending the Loop brand to the digital platform. In addition they implemented the latest front end technology and user interaction to the development of the Loop pre-launch website. This yielded a great outcome. Their process was simultaneously smooth and effective.

Brian Gannon // CEO/Creator of Loop