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Instant communication between friends.




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Free at last: instant communication between friends.

Venture-backed Jott is the world’s first messaging app for Millennials that can operate without Wi-Fi or mobile data connectivity. To capture the discriminating youth market it needed pitch-perfect branding and a frictionless user interface to match its groundbreaking functionality. The Titus Klein team began with a deep dive into messaging apps and the youth demographic before ideating a youth-oriented Jott brand, a digital brand strategy and a completely original front-end architecture.

Jott iOS App Design - Titus Klein
Jott iOS App Design - Titus Klein


Massive, swift adoption to the app.

Titus Klein built the extensive Jott messaging user interface from the ground up, matching the Jott team’s disruptive technology with standard-setting UI features. Jott’s clean and simple brand, extended to the digital environment, serves its target market’s demands for novelty, performance and heavy use.

Jott saw massive, swift adoption by the 13-19 demographic, with up to 85% adoption in some markets. It spent most of 2015 among the top 75 social networking apps in the U.S.

Jott iOS App Design - Titus Klein
Jott iOS App Design - Titus Klein

The Jott project represents an ongoing quest for perfection. While working with the Jott team, we have played a part in creating one of the future’s greatest messaging apps. We worked with the Jott team to develop a design DNA that extends to all corners of the Jott experience. Working on this app has allowed us to forge new territory as we perfect the UI/UX and craft a holistic architecture for the digital brand/mobile app.

Sean Burke // Lead UX Designer, Titus Klein

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