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Inform your world.

Inform is the leading provider of premium content solutions for digital publishers, advertisers, and content creators. After the acquisition of personalized content deliverer Reverb, Inform sought a new brand, fresh web presence and coherent design language to carry it into a bold new future.

The Titus Klein team began by asking one question: “Who is Inform?”

Titus Klein Inform Brand and Webdesign


Discovering Inform’s brand DNA.

Titus Klein began discovery of Inform’s brand DNA through a series of on-site meetings and interviews with multiple stakeholders across the company’s four locations.

Our team laid the foundation of the digital brand with custom professional photography and a brand-driven digital interaction strategy incorporating video and subtle animation. Next we designed the architecture for their web presence and presented Inform with advanced wireframes and several user interface options.

The Titus Klein team fully engaged Inform at every step along the way in a proven approach that consistently yields productive action and satisfied clients.

Titus Klein Inform Brand and Webdesign
Titus Klein Inform Brand and Webdesign


Inform—an innovating market leader.

Inform’s digital presence is a direct reflection of its brand as an innovating market leader. Custom video and photographs of Inform’s people communicate a relaxed and authentic command of the market on the company website. Subtly animated infographics highlight points of interest for B2B clients, and a logo of three leaves around a hub illustrates Inform’s position at the intersection of digital publishers, advertisers and content creators.

The visual aesthetic is clean, coherent and contemporary—appropriate for a key player in the ever-evolving world of digital media.

Titus Klein Inform Brand and Webdesign
Titus Klein Inform Brand and Webdesign
Titus Klein Inform Brand and Webdesign

Titus Klein’s brand and design teams partnered directly with our marketing team on all aspects of the Inform brand development. They also worked closely with each department within our organization to get a feel for the overall voice and image of our company as a whole. Their strategists and designers took the time needed to research and capture our purpose and mission before building and designing our new brand. This process paid great dividends for us as we feel that we can all clearly articulate what Inform is and our audience immediately identifies and connects with our specific message and brand identity.

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