Hoverboard – Invention calls for innovation.


Invention calls for innovation




User Experience, Visual Design, Web Design, Photography


Creating a digital brand for a niche market.

Invention calls for innovation. Hoverboard needed two things: a mobile app to control settings and speeds on its widely anticipated high-performance electric board, and a responsive website to explain the new technology to the market. Both needed to express Hoverboard’s futuristic luxury brand, a key point of market differentiation.

Titus Klein worked with the Hoverboard team to craft a digital brand strategy that communicated exclusivity and the allure of the future through visual aesthetic and user interaction. Our custom photo team, led by Aaron Blumenshine, set about turning the vision into reality. Then, because an app had never been used to control an electric one-wheel board before, we invented a completely new mobile user experience.

Hoverboard by Titus Klein


Establishing Hoverboard’s mystique on the web and the app

Custom photography and a cool, metallic palette establish the Hoverboard’s mystique on the web and the app. A brand-driven user interaction strategy characterized by smooth, accelerating starts and stops suggests the efficiency and speed of a more advanced world.

The app’s complex functions—setting admin privileges, locking and unlocking the board, setting speeds—are presented in an intuitive user interface, while the futuristic look and feel drive home the app’s unique purpose, resulting in an extraordinary user experience that invites the future into the now.

Hoverboard wireframes Titus Klein
Hoverboard Web Design Titus Klein
Hoverboard Mobile Web Design Titus Klein
Hoverboard Photography Titus Klein

“Getting the opportunity to partner with the inventors of the Hoverboard was a dream. I have been waiting for someone to invent one of these since I first saw Back to the Future in the ’80s. Building a mobile experience for this technology was nothing short of a major challenge. We looked to innovators such as Tesla and Leaf to glean inspirations from other electric mobility apps.

However, for the most part, there were no other models for us to look at. As a result we had to create a user experience from scratch that seamlessly interacted with the board and enhanced the overall experience. Great project to be a part of.”

Jared Booye // Principal & Creative Director, Titus Klein