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Fall Safety by Tidyware


UX, UI, Data Visualization


Reimagining Corporate Safety Reporting

The team at Fall Safety has invented the first mobile fall detection system for large enterprises. This app allows the company to track the safety of their employees while in the field. Fall detection alerts the admin team and help is dispatched. Tracking safety metrics for 1000+ employees called for custom reporting, analytics, and user identification. Our team set out to visualize this application design, and our strategy was to craft an interface that optimized usability and customized to fit the brand of any given organization. It needed to be clean, simple, lightweight and fresh.

Fall Safety UX


Long Term Partnership & Effective Problem Solving

Our team established a long term partnership with Fall Safety to help them realize the new Fall Safety information architecture and design. We worked with the Fall Safety team weekly in an iterative fashion to establish the foundation of the application. Our team examined the opticals and generated optional UX/UI solutions. This supercharged both the design and development of the application and established a seamless production process. We worked fast and responded to the needs of the Fall Safety team and their users, allowing them to focus on their business goal and application features.

Fall Safety UI
Titus Klein-Fall Safety Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Visually Simplify

Our design team’s priority was to make sure users were aware of the features available to them in the Fall Safety app. We accomplished this by prioritizing features based on user needs and simplifying the interface to highlight these consecutively.

Fall Safety Graph


Function + Form

One of the goals of this project was to create an interaction strategy for the app that enhanced usability and aligned with brand/UI image. Our team worked with Fall Safety on an animation strategy that enhanced both the form and function of the dashboard.

Titus Klein-Fall Safety Chart

Creative UI

Enhancing UI with Diversity

The Titus Klein team set out to create a number of chart styles that accurately communicate given data but still look fresh and unique. By diversifying the visual chart styles we were able to visually break up the design, keeping the user interested in the content.

Fall Safety Mobile UI

Mobile UI

Custom Branding

Fall Safety’s mobile solution is native to both android and iOS and needed a design that can easily match the brand look and feel of the organization. Titus Klein created a custom color strategy that allowed companies to universally customize their organization’s UI to fit their own brand.

Fall Safety In Action

Titus Klein made our job easy by creating and providing our team with great mobile and desktop designs. The TK team partnered with us to solve all UX problems we faced. They produced and deployed quality design with the upmost ease and professionalism. They helped our team focus on the development and deployment of Fall Safety.