Cloudastructure - Complete viewing and security platform


Complete viewing and security platform




User Experience, Visual Design, Web Design


Simplified access to a comprehensive tool.

The sophisticated Cloudastructure product provides a complete viewing and security platform which seamlessly transitions between real-time video viewing, door surveillance and control, and recorded footage supervision and playback.

Titus Klein reimagined the interface and simplified the user experience to provide a simple yet powerful encounter which reinforces the efficiency and trustworthiness of the Cloudastructure system.

Cloudastructure UX


What you need when you need it

Cloudastructure records a massive amount of visual data and addresses broad facility security needs, but these extensive capabilities are not useful if a user cannot quickly and easily gain access to the tools and data they seek. We evaluated multiple use cases, prioritizing the most important functionality, and designed it into the forefront of the information architecture, nesting the more granular supporting content and controls just out of view. This streamlined approach allows the user to engage in the essential actions immediately.

UI elements

Small Spaces.

Maintain Simplicity

The Cloudastructure desktop application offers many features vital to daily usage, and it was crucial that these controls were available on mobile. Our challenge was re-think the user experience while preserving the integrity of the app. Using gestures and custom mobile interactions we were able to seamlessly include all features within the mobile experience.

Mobile UI

Cloudastructure Mobile UI

Intelligent Architecture

Scalable + Responsive Platform

With the Cloudastructure system, remote device-driven functionality is critical for daily management and operation. Admins and security personnel need to be able to quickly search, review, and download security footage from the cloud, and lock and unlock system-integrated doors. The mobile experience allows user to do all of this via the interface, as well as interact with doors within close proximity.

Cloudastructure Responsive Platform
Cloudastructure Desktop mockup