Titus Klein Adidas Creative Design

Adidas Dire.

Hand-crafted for Adidas




Creative Direction, Digital Branding, Custom Photo, Post Production, Visual Design


Hand-crafted visuals.

Titus Klein specializes in building emotional connections through powerful custom visuals. For the Dire project hand-crafted for Adidas, we created a gripping campaign for the Dire shoe suitable for billboard or magazine. The Titus Klein visual team, headed by professional photographer Aaron Blumenshine, set up a shoot in downtown New York City and hand-picked a model to begin telling the story of a woman’s obsession with the object she desires.

Titus Klein Adidas Creative Design
Titus Klein Adidas Creative Design


On location in New York

Above a surreal cityscape illuminated by dramatic glowing clouds, an extraordinary woman clings in mid-air to her prize: a pair of Adidas Dire shoes hanging from a telephone wire.

A composite of custom professional photography on location in New York and studio work with our San Francisco model, with visual enhancements applied in post-production, the arresting image tells a story of loyalty, physical courage and indomitability.

Titus Klein Adidas Creative Design
Titus Klein Adidas Creative Design

Working on this campaign took us to the heart of New York City, where we crafted a serial cityscape. This Gotham City feel seemed to match the sheer desire and passion of the model. Post production was done in San Francisco and composited together to create this piece for a digital ad platform.

Aaron Blumenshine // Head of Visual Media, Titus Klein